Deployment of optic fibre using the electric pylons

Project information

Index: 1204R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:the Information Society
Location FRANCE BASSIN PARISIEN Nevers Bourgogne

Topic of the practice

Sharing infrastructure for High Speed Broadband extension in rural areas

Good Practice Information

This experience is a good example on how to minimize costs through the sharing of existing infrastructure.

The main aim of the good practice is to find out a solution both economical viable and effective to offer internet access to the rural population. The experience uses the pylons of those electric infrastructures as optic fibre supporting means, so the fibre is overhead deployed.
The chosen technology was ADSS (all dielectric self supporting cable) that consists in hanging up the optic wire under the electric cables using the electric pylons.
The electric supply remains under tension meanwhile the optic cable is hanged up. A kind of safety “umbrella” allows the workers to go on deploying the optic wire without any danger.

Evidence of success

-600 000 km long spread on all the French territory, the A-high tension electric network concerns a very important rural area.This infrastructure is particularly suitable for the deployment of an optic fibre network.
-90% of the civil engineering cost can be saved.
-Increase of the capillarity of the optic network for a future development.
-Easily replicable and effective solution for rural areas

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Jean-Dimas Malot

Nievre Numerique

Annex completed on: 06-18-2014

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