Joint accreditation of touristic enterprises along Saint Francis Route in Rieti Province to ISNART “Q Italian Hospitality” and CAMMINI D’EUROPA labels

Project information

Index: 1191R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Cultural heritage and landscape
Location ITALY CENTRO (I) Rieti Lazio Start/End date of the practice
Start: October 2008
End: April 2009

Topic of the practice

Promotion of route enterprises and products

Good Practice Information

The action aimed at enhancing knowledge of Saint Francis Route. Local tourist operators were involved by a trial procedure to the Joint Accreditation to 2 labels:
1) "Q, Italian Hospitality" (OI), managed by ISNART
2) Cammini d’Europa (CdE), managed by CdE EEIG.
Objectives of the action were to encourage operators to ensure and raise level of quality of their services and to publicise them.
As the certification is given to enterprises reaching a set threshold of requisites met, the processing of the evaluator reports provides a useful insight of the level of quality of services. In the enhancement of the Routes a strong link between the adopted public policies and the tourist operators is welcomed; the GP can helps in this direction. Cost incurred = € 15.000.

Evidence of success

n° 30 enterprises were certified out of 40 applying (success rate = 75%):
- n. 12 restaurants
- n. 12 accommodation structures
- n. 6 rural tourist houses
The procedure provides a model, and, for its transferability and adaptability to other areas and routes, a Best Practice example. Q label is applied yearly to over 6,000 enterprises in Italy, CdE label to over 170 in Italy and 80 in Spain.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Guido Tariciotti, General Manager

Rieti Turismo srl

Annex completed on: 06-28-2012

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