myCicero platform for travel planning, ticketing, payment

Project information

Index: 1187R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport

Topic of the practice

Intelligent Transport Systems

Good Practice Information

This is a good example of intelligent transport systems. The myCicero system is a smart-phone application, designed to provide a single gateway for different services such as parking payment, ticketing, taxi, shopping and other service payments, infomobility, tourist information, etc. This Good Practice demonstrates how a tool looking to ensure an important function like ticketing can also become a way to access integrated services linked to the territory.
The application can be customised in order to fit with the specific local needs and provide different services. All the services provided are accessible through a unitary app environment. Generally speaking, the mycicero application can provide the following services :
Parking payment.
Public Transport tickets or seasonal tickets
Information about interurban bus connections and trip reservations
Real-time information on bus schedules (when integrated with a bus monitoring system)
Taxi payments
Electronic wallet for a variety of services
Touristic information about the particular place, events, sport facilities, etc.
Payment of municipal services: administrative sanctions, school services, etc. (provide warnings and suggestions).
Receive notifications on deadlines for various services used, (e.g., decrees from local Authorities, etc).
Be informed about commercial offers.
Support e-commerce applications
In the Marche Region myCicero has been applied to test electronic ticketing for parking.

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