Impronta Etica

Project information

Index: 1164R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ITALY NORD-EAST Bologna Emilia-Romagna

Topic of the practice

Non profit organisation and public-private partnership to find innovative models to tackle environmental challenges

Good Practice Information

Impronta Etica is an Italian non profit organization for the development of a corporate social responsibility culture. It was founded in 2001 by some companies located in Emilia-Romagna Region, which were already active in CSR. The association’s mission is promoting sustainable development, creating a network between companies and organizations that are willing to activate CSR practices. Impronta Etica currently has 26 member companies.
Impronta Etica carries out activities such as research specially on public-private partnerships to find innovative models to tackle environmental challenges, information and updates on CSR issues, projects together with its member companies and networking activities. Indeed Impronta Etica intends to make Italy a crucial actor in Europe on these issues. For this reason in 2002 the Association became a CSR Europe’s National Partner Organization (NPO) to promote the exchange of best practices and take part to in the European debate on CSR. Impronta Etica also published guidelines on organising sustainable events.
The mission of the association is: to be the place of sustainable and responsible innovation, elaborating contents on those issues, spreading the debates and developments that take place at the European level and promoting innovative experiences in Italy; to be a reference for member companies on issues related to sustainability, promoting and supporting them in processes of improvements; to spread practices, experiences and documents of its members, to encourage fruitful exchanges and partnerships; to promote a culture of CSR among all stakeholders, to promote processes of cultural, organisational and regulatory changes. Impronta Etica is a member of CSR Europe (the European network on CSR) and of NeXt (an Italian network to promote sustainable consumption). It also has regular contacts and exchange of information with other networks dealing with CSR (Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile, Club delle imprese modenesi per la RSI, Sodalitas).

Evidence of success

Considering that Impronta Etica is a non profit organization that helps companies at increasing the policies and activities dealing with CSR issues, the main evidence of success is represented by the high quality CSR performances carried out by its members. Among the members of Impronta Etica, there are some of the companies with the most advanced approach to CSR: Hera, Unipol, Coop, EmilBanca. Furthermore, Impronta Etica find a confirmation to its success in the high numbers of events and initiatives it is involved in, for disseminating and enforcing CSR principles at the local fabric.

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Marjorie Breyton

Impronta Etica

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