Gaia Kindergarten

Project information

Index: 1164R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ITALY NORD-EAST Bologna Emilia-Romagna

Topic of the practice

Social services for health and education

Good Practice Information

Gaia Kindergarten provides childcare and educational services. GAIA Kindergarten is managed by Cadiai that is a social cooperative founded in Bologna in 1974 and now registered as NPO (non-profit organizations of social utility). The interest of Gaia in terms of sustainability and social responsibility is due to its financial management (project financing) and to the environmental respect that characterizes all the activities of the structures.
The management of all the training and childcare services provided by Gaia Kindergarten is assigned to Cadiai and it is carried out according with the core values that represent the base of Cadiai: contributing to the general interest of the community through direct services to improve the quality of people's lives, enable the involvement of users and their families, promote integration in the territory, environmentally friendly management of resources.
The management of Gaia Kindergarten is based on the assumption that CSR is an issue investing different sectors (people, environment, community). Gaia Kindergarten has a systemic approach to environmental management going from the process efficiency to the dissemination of environmental sustainability at the stakeholders. The main sustainable performances from the environmental point of view are: solar panels, recycled air, low impact on surroundings, washing diapers and towels, use of eco-friendly products. Gaia Kindergarten ensures staff training and continuous involvement of employees for raising their awareness about CSR. Furthermore Gaia Kindergarten has been building a responsible network of suppliers sharing the CSR key-ideas. For example, Gaia Kindergarten has assigned its washing services to a social cooperative who gives work to disabled people.

Evidence of success

The success of Gaia Kindergarten is witnessed by the appreciation both for its characteristics (attention to CSR value, continuous involvement of families and suppliers in sharing the values of Cadiai) and for the place in which it has been built because it ensures an added value to the quality of the surroundings. In addition, the will to fulfill family needs, by offering opening hours longer than public kindergartens, makes Gaia more attractive. Furthermore another evidence of success is the trust of public bodies in Gaia Kindergarten. The relation with the Municipality is so solid that, during training period regarding washable nappies, council educators carry out their traineeship at Gaia kindergarten.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Giulia Casarini

Cadiai – Social Cooperative

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