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Index: 1164R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ESPAÑA CENTRO E Badajoz Extremadura

Topic of the practice

SME succesfully running its business through a CSR model

Good Practice Information

Eurolimpiezas is a company that provides integral care of private and public spaces through the total prevention of dirt and which has made of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the core of its philosophy, operation and relation with the environment and society.
This good practice shows how an enterprise can successfully run its business through a CSR based model and to which extent the commitment of its managers is vital for the development and deployment of CSR actions.
It is an example of initiatives to improve working conditions, protect the environment and take care of the local community, facilitating the integration of disadvantaged people of the society of Extremadura.
Eurolimpiezas is a company that provides integral care of private and public spaces through the total prevention of dirt in offices, public schools and communities, which has made of CSR a symbol of identity.
Most of its CSR initiatives have been implemented by the founding partners, who have transferred their personal values to the business: care, respect and promotion of a socially and environmentally sustainable society. Eurolimpiezas usually anticipates to new regulations (environmental, health and safety, employment, etc.) and supports:
 Work-life balance, health, safety and welfare of employees
 Care of the environment: certified environmental policy, use of ecological products and tools, training courses for employees, tree planting campaigns, etc
 Care of the local community. They created "Eurolimpiezas Foundation", which aims to the social integration and welfare of disadvantaged people in Extremadura.

Evidence of success

Being the first company in Extremadura certified as socially responsible by AENOR, Eurolimpiezas is considered a CSR model by employees, customers, suppliers and authorities. Some results:
 Better working environment (higher commitment and better performance)
 Lower accident rate
 Improvement of personal and professional situation of people in risk of social exclusion
 Increase in customers loyalty, number of clients
 Improvement in image

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Juan Parra Valencia


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