Coop. Adriatica

Project information

Index: 1164R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ITALY NORD-EAST Bologna Emilia-Romagna

Topic of the practice

CSR business model to develop innovative solutions in direct relation with the society

Good Practice Information

Coop Adriatica is one of the large cooperatives that are part of the Coop system, the most important Italian large retailers and, at the same time, a big consumer organization. Coop Adriatica was inspired by the willingness of consumers to come together to better protect their purchasing power and to obtain guarantees on the quality of products. The INCOOP of Conselice is an advanced shop of the COOP system particularly advanced and innovative for the quantity and quality of solutions throughout its life cycle, starting from the choice of materials.
The core mission of Coop Adriatica is based on the following pillars: to provide members with products and services more convenient, secure and suitable for their well-being and to promote consumer education; to develop cooperative democracy and to increase community assets; Enhancing the work and employee engagement; to encourage the development and innovation capability; inspire every market relationship to the principles of transparency and fairness.
The Coop store settled in Conselice is an advanced case of CSR successful implementation that is ,indeed, well-known for the quantity and quality of solutions throughout its life cycle, starting from the choice of materials. The shop is constructed with especially reusable and recyclable materials, recovering also debris of the existing buildings. Indeed, the structure was designed as an holistic system, in which individual solutions complement each other resulting in a "virtuous" balance. This balance is based on: eco-innovation (this area includes both the technological and structural innovation and the innovations in management); the usability of the store and the social implications and the influence on the social fabric of Conselice. CSR to the workers is realized through equal opportunity, fair working conditions, enhancement of professional skills and internal professional growth. In addition to that, they arrange staff training, pay attention to maternity leave, to work-life balance and to welfare solutions pack.

Evidence of success

Coop Adriatica is a member of some institutional local committees (e.g.: the committee for the minimization of the environmental impact of trading promoted by the Municipality of Cesena,; the Laboratory for CSR of the Province of Ravenna, PercoRSI of the Chamber of Commerce of Rimini; etc). The store in Conselice gave the opportunity to regenerate a partially dismantled SME area and is designed as a social aggregator thanks to its safe and friendly environment. The structure provides a double service: it was built without consuming new land and designed to be part of the urban area.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Giorgio Benassi

Coop. Adriatica

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