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Index: 1164R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location LITHUANIA LIETUVA Kaunas Lietuva Start/End date of the practice
Start: 1999

Topic of the practice

Green, renewable and integral energy supply system

Good Practice Information

In 2011, Aconitum has finished installing green (renewable) energy supply system. The system includes geothermal energy supply system, efficient lighting, solar panels for hot water, air recuperation. Aconitum is the first company in Eastern and Middle Europe that implemented environmental project of such scope and aims to become most innovative and most efficiently energy using company in Europe.
Besides its outstanding environmental performance, Aconitum greatly contributes to improving working conditions of the employees, the well-being of vulnerable groups, it supports research and education. Moreover, its production is based on natural ingredients and it greatly supports healthy lifestyle.
Aconitum has installed geothermal energy supply system which can produce maximum power of 300 kW and only small amount of gas for heating is used during the cold days. For the preparation of hot water the company uses solar panels. When hot water demand decreases, the excess heat is accumulated or is directed to a common heating system. Heat exhausted by working machinery is used for heating the facilities. Common heating system integrates gas condensing boilers, which are up to 20% more efficient than conventional ones. Heat recovery recuperators with two heat exchangers are also integrated in the ventilation system. Moreover, the company has replaced all the lighting with efficient metal halide and LED lamps. The green energy supply system has been implemented with the help of EU structural funds.
Substantial amount of money is dedicated to the development of employees’ qualification and profession trainings. Aconitum offers the opportunity for every employee to improve their skills not only in Lithuania but also in foreign countries or to try new skills with the EU projects or rotating staff in other area of company. For employees’ leisure activities in the company, there is a mini gym; tennis tournaments take place; birthdays are celebrated every last Friday of each month; excursions to nature are organised; there is a television programme “Aconitum TV”; employees are provided free lunch.
Aconitum supports associations, children and elderly care homes, organisations for socially vulnerable people, usually by delivering its production. Besides social support, it supports schoolchildren and students who show excellent learning results (financially and in other forms). Students are invited for internships and the best interns are awarded. Aconitum actively collaborates with research institutions: it supports the research carried out by Faculty of Pharmacy of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, and has received two grants for the researches with Lithuanian research institution by mean of “Inočekiai LT”. The company participates in many conferences and share their experiences of healthy lifestyle.

Evidence of success

The geothermal system provides 700 MWh of renewable energy; it reduced CO2 emissions by ~100 t and saves 77 000 m³ gas annually. Heat exchangers which are able to reach 90% economic effect of the returned heat (in comparison, conventional recuperators‘ efficiency is 70-75%) save more than 43 MWh energy or 15 300 Lt. Depending on the heat requirements, the solar panels allow to prepare ~700 000 litres of hot water per year (of 10°-60°C heat) or about 430 000 litres of hot water per year (of 90°C heat). The efficient lighting systems saves up to 70 MWh electricity or 31 500 Lt.
In 2011, 86 organizations were supported, and in 2012 – 75 organizations. In 2013, 17 students have done their internships in Aconitum.

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Laimis Akramas


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