Foundation of Society “Geopark of the North Vidzeme"

Project information

Index: 1146R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Cultural heritage and landscape
Location LATVIA LATVIJA Region of Vidzeme Latvija

Topic of the practice

community support in protection of cultural and historical values, horizontal governance, involvement and empowering the community on local cultural heritage management

Good Practice Information

North Vidzeme can be proud of its rich natural and cultural heritage. The idea of a society for the “Geopark of the North Vidzeme" came from geologists, researchers and other natural and historical research professionals. The main aims are to popularize natural sciences and in particular geology, to explain knowledge in simple and clear language, and to save Latvian geological cultural heritage.
In order to develop the Geopark this society is following UNESCO guidelines for development of such territories. The main activity of the society is the study of the geopark area, in order to identify geological formations that have cultural heritage and archaeological significance. The society promotes activities such as "Day of Earth”, "Day of Parks", in order to engage with the local community.

Evidence of success

Activites have included 5 research expeditions. A major route has been established with 24 stands and 45 signs interpreting significant geological formations. 6 training hikes have been organised and a range of publicity actions carried out. Success factors are the support and involvement of local municipalities and experts, leading to a successful transfer of knowledge to the wider community.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Lelde Gavare / Andris Grīnbergs

Vidzeme Planning Region / Society "Geopark of North Vidzeme" /

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