Coordination of the authorities organising transport in neighbouring territories

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Index: 1130R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport

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Regional Transport Authorities

Good Practice Information

This is an example of a good practice of regional transport authorities. The Auvergne Regional Council started the coordination process by hosting a conference in October 2008. Accordingly, an important dialogue was initiated and the preparatory work for developing the idea of coordinating the Transport Authorities (AOTs) commenced. The work lasted one year and, on 15 October 2009 a common agreement for the development of intermodality in public transports in Auvergne was signed by the regions’ 13 AOTs (Protocole d’accord ‘pour le développement de l’intermodalité dans les transports publics en Auvergne’). All the AOTs have been involved since the beginning (although with varying levels of participation). The 13 AOTs have improved their transport service by coordinating their activities more efficiently and simplifying the offer of public transport. In particular, the following joint activities were applicable by the agreement:
1. Coordinating the offer of public transport
 Building an attractive offer of public transport
 Developing intermodality between public transport networks and intermodal interchange poles
 Covering all the territory of Auvergne with adapted transport offer.
2. Simplifying access to the public transport network
 Extending multi-modal pricing
 Developing a common ticket system
 Implementing multi-modal and multi-operator information to allow users to have a single source of information on regional transport system.
This Good Practice has led to the development of a web portal Auvergne Mobilité with several interesting tools, such as a regional trip planner (that includes cycling), accessibility information for the handicapped, real-time traffic information, and car-sharing service information.
All the AOTs are generally involved in all the projects and decisions even when ad-hoc working groups are constituted.

Evidence of success

The coordination process is on-going. There are already some achievements as regards some of the objectives defined in the agreement, but the work continues on other more complicated aspects.
• Objective of coordinating the offer of public transport:
It was found during the process that the transport offer was already well coordinated on the territory. Although some overlaps exist between the AOTs, they provide complementary offers (e.g. bus and train or complementarity on schedules). It is very rare that several transport solutions are offered on the same territory in an irrelevant way. However, improvements to coordinate the transport offer could be made in a few cases in the north of the region (e.g. with the pooling of systems of transport on demand). Improvements are still to be made in some areas, especially in Puy-de-Dôme.
• Simplifying the access to the network of public transport
The third sub-objective will soon be reach (preparation of an inter-modal trip calculator online platform, to facilitate the access to information by the users). The
AOTs have decided to set up a regional tool that will propose online solutions to travel from one place of the territory to another. The specificity of this inter-modal trip calculator is that it will include solutions of transport on demand. A specific work of analysis of the transport on demand solutions in Auvergne has therefore been conducted. An enterprise has been contracted to realise a multi-modal information online platform. The website will be launched on 6 December 2012 and a communication campaign will be launched in January 2013. Applications for smartphones will be developed in a second
As regards the sub-objectives “extending multi-modal pricing” and “developing common ticket system”, an exploratory study has been conducted by an external agency.

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