Lorry Routes in Emilia-Romagna Region

Project information

Index: 0154R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ITALY NORD-EST Emilia-Romagna Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2000-01-01
End: on-going

Topic of the practice

urban freight policies

Good Practice Information

The Regional Map defines preferencial routes for heavy vehicle flows, with indicaton of road signs, tunnels, bridge, maximum size and weight, etc. In Italy lorries must require permission to switch to all provinces (national law D.Lgs.285/1992 Art. 10). National legislation, however, provides the opportunity to avoid claims where there is an atlas that identifies lorry roads, with their features. Emilia-Romagna Region since 2000 started to collect and organize all the information on roads accessible to trucks. This work was very complex, because at that time there wasn’t any archive of regional roads. The Region then began a difficult process of recovery and standardization of information. At the same time in 2000 there wasn’t a digital map of regional roads, so Emilia Romagna Region decided to report the information collected on the Touring Club cartography. Timeplan:
2000: project start
- Collection and standardization of the various roads lists from differents archives
- Network creation from many pieces of roads
2004: End of Atlas and Roads Archive
2006: Atlas CD-ROM implementation
2006 - today: updating and digital mapping
Actors: Department of transport (Emilia Romagna Region) plus all its 9 provinces
Critical success factors: Collaboration between different public bodies
The concept is exportable and transferable to other contexts, especially if there is a digital mapping of roads and a list of its features.

Evidence of success

Atlas with detailed information for all roads (maximum height, weight, etc.) and focus on major cities.
Regional Map with all limitations.
Multimedial cd-rom with all maps.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Stefano Grandi / Claudio Domenichini

Direzione Generale Reti Infrastrutturali, Logistica e Sistemi di Mobilità Servizio Viabilita', Navigazione Interna e Portualita' Commerciale Viale Aldo Moro, 30 - Bologna (BO)

stgrandi@regione.emilia-romagna.it / cdomenichini@regione.emilia-romagna.it


Annex completed on: 03-09-2011

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