Innovative Financing and Operation of Small Scale Biomass Energy Supply and Energy Efficiency Upgrades in Public Facilities.

Project information

Index: 1106R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location IRELAND IRELAND Tullamore Border, Midland and Western Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2010
End: On going

Topic of the practice

Energy efficiency, renewable energy, finance

Good Practice Information

Innovative financing tools for boosting local EE/RES investments (ESCO contracts) were pursued for the following reasons:.
PROBLEM: Addressing challenges in RES implementation: Capital costs of investment; project risk factors; lack of demonstration of successfully implemented, alternative financial models; lack of market demand for energy ser-vice companies; public private partnerships are rare in the energy supply market.
BACKGROUND: The Bio Energy Action Plan for Ireland sets a target of 12% RES share in the heating sector for 2020.
The obejctives and actions were as follows:
OBJECTIVES: 1) The conversion of biomass forestry residues into heat, thus replacing imported fossil fuel energy with locally grown timber. 2) generation of viable demand for RES: regional market formation, from forestry-to-boiler marketplace.
ACTIVITIES: 1)ESCO contract; 2) Installation of a woodchip boiler is required.

Evidence of success

Consisderable energy savings and increase of RES participation in the regional heating energy mix: Annual kWh 1,800,000 & 840,000; Heating costs: Biomass 68,400 3 & 32,760, Oil/LPG Equivalent 152,000 & 79,800; Saving € (%) 83,600 (55%) & 47,040 (58%); Simple Payback (yrs.) 1.75 and 3.8.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Paula Gallagher, +353-872057132

Tipperary Energy Agency

Annex completed on: 12-17-2012

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