Budapest Főváros Fenntartható Energia Akció Programja (SEAP) /Sustainable energy action program of Budapest

Project information

Index: 1106R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location MAGYARORSZAG KOZEP-MAGYARORSZAG Budapest Kozep-Magyarorszag Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2006
End: On going

Topic of the practice

Energy policy , energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport

Good Practice Information

The Budapest Sustainable Energy Ation Programme was designed to address the following problems: 1) Overall high energy consumption & costs, high CO2 emissions; 2) need to expand & improve the metropolitan public transportation.
The objectives of the progreamme are to promote energy efficient solutions and increase the use of domestice renewable energy. The strategy has beendevloped in response to national legislation including the National Strategy Reference Frame of Hungary and its Environment & Energy Operational Programme, priority axis .
The activities include a comprehensive action plan that is intended to generate systemic impact. Specific actions include: Tram development in Budapest (routes & infrastructure); retrofit of municipal buildings; intelligent street lighting; modernisation (in terms of reducing the environmental impact) of the municipal vehicle fleet; environmentally friendly, energy-saving district heating; awareness-raising with active and interactive tools and efforts to create a sustainable & attractive public transport system.

Evidence of success

The measured energy consumption of the municipality before the actions was 6,420,3715 kWh, this reduced to 3,470,77 kWh. This is equivalent to a CO2 emission reduction of 356,112 t/year
There were 251 institutions involved and 71,005 luminares. Aa a result of the strategy 56,734 new high efficiency lights were installed, leading to a reduction in energy use of 46% .
The total savings generated by the project were 55 million HUF = 1,5 million EUR.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Ivett Tatarne Varga, Coordinator International and EU Affairs, Municipal Advisor and Tamás Gonczlik, energy manager,

Local Government of Budapest +36 1/327 1025 ; Fax: +36 1/327 1826

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