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Index: 1098R4
Acronym:4 POWER
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location UNITED KINGDOM SCOTLAND Dundee Eastern Scotland

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Good Practice Information

This example of best practice describes Scotland’s attempts to ease concerns about the environmental impact of offshore wind. It also describes the Scottish Government’s cooperation with UK departments to take an industry wide approach to lessening the environmental impacts of off shore wind. This example of good practice in relation to offshore wind development costs illustrates the need for detailed research and government encouragement for the formation of alliances amongst Companies, Government and Non-Government Organisations. To achieve this, several initiatives were established in the UK: an Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, an Offshore Wind Test Centre and a Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator program.

Evidence of success

The aims were and still are to gain support for offshore wind amongst public and private bodies and the general public in Scotland. With strong support from the Scottish Government, the offshore wind industry in Scotland works to the highest environmental standards. Marine Scotland, Scottish National Heritage and the developers all run their own research programmes and cooperate in exchanging data. An exciting new initiative, the Joint Industry Programme, is being developed by the Crown Estate, Marine Scotland and the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change to take an industry wide approach to environmental impacts, focusing first on birds and underwater noise.

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Chris Ashe

Sustainable Industries Institute

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