Project information

Index: 1095R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ESPAÑA SUR Murcia Región de Murcia Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2004
End: 2009

Topic of the practice

Encouraging Low Emission Transports

Good Practice Information

AMEB project shows a good example of how to encourage low emission transports. In particular, it concerns the development of a technology to provide alternative fuel to vehicles from biogas generated at a wastewater treatment plant (AMEB). Aguas de Murcia (Emuasa) designed and started up a plant where biogas is cleaned and later transformed into an ecological automotive fuel at the Murcia East Sewage Plant for use by company vehicles.
The main objectives of the introduction of biogas as automotive fuel are:
Reducing fuel costs,
Reducing emissions,
Reducing noise,
Increasing energy security,
Reducing dependency on energy imports,
Showing citizens the environmental possibilities of managing the city’s sewage,
Showing citizens technologies for transport as an alternative to fossil fuels,
Improving technical/organizational capacities of institutions and experts.

Evidence of success

A ready fuel for use is obtained. The prototype car operates in experimental phase since 2007 and runs for about 400 km, on a tank of biogas. In 2010, EMUASA had two vehicles running on bioedar. Annually, these vehicles stop emitting into the atmosphere 3.1 Tn of CO2 and 23.5 kg nitrogen oxide. Development of a technology for providing alternative fuel to vehicles from biogas generated at AMEB.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Mercedes Sánchez Bas / Marcos Martín González

Aguas de Murcia (Emuasa) /

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