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Index: 1091R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location ESPAÑA SUR Andalucía Start/End date of the practice
Start: 1989

Topic of the practice

Labour Societies for the social job creation linking development of rural tourism

Good Practice Information

The FEANSAL (Andalusian Empresarial Federation of labour societies) is a good example of how labour societies can be used as a formula for social job creation. Since 1989 FEANSAL is the business organization who defends and represents labour societies in Andalusia. It defends their rights and makes a professional team to improve their competitiveness and the stable and quality employment creation. Its main objectives are to foster and promote an entrepreneurial culture (collective entrepreneurship) and strengthen the fabric of the Andalusian Labour Societies. Labour societies are easy for creating social employment. The key of labour societies are the implications at economic, labour and social level in the territory.
There are several economic effects since workers are the co-owners of the societies:
- this makes them aware of the need to reinvest to strengthen the company.
- there is an improved flexibility in decision making which makes workers accept changes in exchange for ensuring economic viability
- when problems of successions arise the business continuity is facilitated.
The labour effects are an increased job security for workers. Also there are more suggestions for improvements and innovation because workers participate more in management. Lastly there is an increased staff retention and lower absenteeism. The social effects are the increased worker satisfaction, a pleasant working environment, an increased commitment and involvement of the team and an improved working environment.  

Evidence of success

There are in Spain 13,268 labour societies which employ 65,852 people. In Andalusia there are 3,221 labour societies which employ 13,393 people. Andalusia is placed first in the ranking with 3,221 national labour companies, representing 24.16% of the total.
In the province of Granada (in Andalusia) there are 8 rural development groups working in 149 municipalities and 50 of the municipalities have labour societies.

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Lázaro Miralles


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