ENTURNA. International School of Rural Tourism and Nature

Project information

Index: 1091R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location ESPAÑA SUR Andalucía Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2012

Topic of the practice

Centre for the generation and dissemination of knowledge on rural tourism.

Good Practice Information

The Guadix International School of Rural Tourism – ENTURNA is a project from the Provincial Council of Granada articulated through its Provincial Tourist Board. The school is a rural tourism knowledge generation and dissemination centre, which contributes to the training of business owners, entrepreneurs, students and the general population. It also creates awareness about the importance of
rural tourism as an economic and social development tool for the employment and business opportunities it offers to inhabitants, especially the youngest, of rural areas. This school organizes training courses about rural tourism, but also about the care services. It demonstrates the complementarity between tourist services and care services.

Evidence of success

Since the creation of the school, a total of 622 students have been trained in 19 training activities over 397 study hours. It is worth pointing out that the students come from very diverse parts of Spain (8 different provinces), some a great distance away.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Pascual Rivas Palomo

Provincial Tourist Board for Granada



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