A business model combining self catering accommodation and hotel: Bella Vista Self Catering Accommodation, Cobh, County Cork.

Project information

Index: 1091R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Employment, human capital and education
Location IRELAND IRELAND Cobh Southern and Eastern Start/End date of the practice
Start: 01/01/2001

Topic of the practice

The Bella Vista company includes a hotel and self-catering accommodation units. The employees of the hotel provide the same services in the self catering units than in the hotel, which increases the quality of the stay of the customers. This joint management of a hotel and self-catering apartments increased the turnover of the company and its needs in human resources.

Good Practice Information

The Bella Vista Hotel and Self Catering Suites is located in Cobh. The premises was acquired by the current owner in 2001 and extended into an 18 en-suite bedroom hotel. The addition of self catering accommodation (10 units) was completed in 2007. The rationale for investment arose from a recognition that the hotel is well located for the sea angling market. This form of

accommodation suits the needs of anglers for greater space to store their fishing gear, freedom from scheduled meal times, capacity for small groups and longer average stays. Customers can use the same services as the customers of the hotel, provided by the hotel employees. This business model shows the complementary aspect of the joint management of self-catering units together with a hotel.

Evidence of success

The occupancy rate is very high and the owner intends to expand the self catering accommodation capacity by adding a further ten apartments. This kind of accommodation and the services provided fit very well with the needs of their marketing target.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Kevin Murphy

Bella Vista Hotel, Cobh


www.bellavistahotel.ie; www.corkharbouranglinghub.com

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