Cityssimo, La Défense

Project information

Index: 0154R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location FRANCE ÎLE DE FRANCE La Défense Île de France Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2006-12-01
End: on-going

Topic of the practice

urban freight policies

Good Practice Information

Since December 2006, the retail areas of the Paris underground subway system include a new service, Cityssimo. Cityssimo (a service of the French Post) is a system of dedicated locker banks which constitutes an alternative to home deliveries for parcels delivered by Colissimo, the Poste parcels delivery service. In 2009, 28 Cityssimo boutiques were available in France, most of them in the Paris region. Two boutiques are located in the subway, including one in La Défense, an important subway station West of Paris. The first Cityssimo boutique was implemented at the end of 2005 in a context when distance selling and thus home deliveries were growing very rapidly. Indeed, the turnover of distance selling business almost doubled in France between 2003 and 2007, from €11,4 to 22,1 billions. Actors: RATP (Paris public transport operator), Promométro, subsidiary of the RATP with a responsibility over the management of all RATP’s retail areas, Coliposte, a subsidiary of the French Post
dedicated to parcels’ delivery. Resources: renting of the boutique (1000 €/m² a year to Coliposte for La Defense location (representing €50 000/year), building a boutique includes costs such as the reinforcement of the ground, high security doors and the installation of a security system by cameras.
The cost of the locker banks is also quite high. The profitability of the service depends only on the number of parcels delivered by site. Cityssimo does not require any staff in these locations.
Critical Success factors: A common objective and a coordinated timing between partners, An understanding of each partner’s the constraints from the other ones
Tranferability: Cityssimo can be implanted in all types of metro stations although safety can be an important issue in some locations.

Evidence of success

Because of the innovative character of this new service (in a competitive market), the results are not public. However, according to Coliposte, the first assessments proved very satisfactory both for Coliposte and for Promométro. Two Cityssimo boutiques were opened in metro stations at the end of 2008. Volume is still low as the number of parcels picked up every day is about 30. Coliposte is currently designing strategies to advertise the Cityssimo service to customers.
In 2007, 35,000 subscribers were recorded for 12 sites, (3,000 subscribers by site). The objective is to reach 4,000 to 6,000 subscribers by site. More recent figures are not available to this day.
Satisfaction surveys with Cityssimo users showed that 96% were satisfied.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Virginie Augereau

French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research (INRETS),

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