Energy upgrade of swimming pool of Aglantzia Municipality

Project information

Index: 1069R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location KYPROS / KIBRIS KYPROS / KIBRIS Swimming Pool Aglantzia Municipality -Lefkosia Kypros / Kibris Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2013

Topic of the practice

Energy efficiency

Good Practice Information

The energy consumption of the Municipal Swimming Pool of Aglantzia was particularly high (835 MWhprimary/year) with an energy cost exceeding 100.000€/year. The swimming pool is using two energy sources, electricity and gas. The greatest proportion of energy use is to heat the water of swimming pool and for the operation of the water pumping system/circulators of the swimming pool.
The Aglantzia Municipality examines five energy saving good practice which, as a whole, can achieve primary energy savings 292 MWhpr/year. The total investment cost is 82.345€.
1) Installation of Solar Water heaters
2) Optimization of the pumping system
3) Optimizing operating parameters of water heating
4) Generating Electricity with a photovoltaic system
5) Energy efficient lighting

Evidence of success

The saving from this good practice is 25%: 19.680€/year saving of cost and 36.526 kg/year reduction CO2. Furthermore, these practices were already used in other municipalities and community councils with very good results on energy saving, on cost saving and reduction of CO2 emissions. They have proved to be easily transferable to other community councils facing similar problems.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Athena Yiannaka

Aglantzia Municipal

Annex completed on: 10-11-2013

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