Local travel plan network in East Anglia

Project information

Index: 0147R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location UNITED KINGDOM SOUTH EAST Brighton & Hove

Topic of the practice

Sustainable Transport Awareness Campaigns

Good Practice Information

This is a good example of sustainable transport awareness campaigns. The JourneyOn marketing campaign promotes sustainable transport and health-related messages in Brighton & Hove. The initiative supports softer/smarter travel choices providing information, and promoting initiatives at the purpose of making people aware of the possible mobility alternative modes. Communication is delivered through many different media – website, events, and publicity campaigns – and is designed to engage people from a variety of backgrounds/communities.
The JourneyOn campaign uses innovative promotional activities, online blogging competitions, and a series of free large-scale public events, alongside more traditional campaigns, such as billboards and radio adverts to reach various audiences in the city. There is also a website – journeyon.co.uk – that offers real-time bus, traffic, and car parking information to citizens. A specific on-line journey planner compares different travel modes across the city along a given itinerary, contrasting costs and carbon emissions. It integrates Google maps and a gradient feature and can help users to measure the calories they could burn if they walked or cycled up along the selected itinerary. This application gives an immediate view of the advantages of a sustainable modal choice in a friendly and pleasant way and suggests healthy practices.

Evidence of success

The first year results indicated that cycling had increased by 122%, walking by 33%, car journeys had decreased by 6% car journeys overall (including passengers) had decreased by 10.5%. Meanwhile JourneyOn website usage statistics show encouraging results with 20,000 hits in April 2007, 14,000 in Jan 2008, 85-90000 in June/July 2008 and 40000 in Jan 2009. Alongside website statistics, in a survey of over 200 people attending car free day (91% were residents), 86% said the event had made them consider how they travel around the city and 99% said they wanted another event like this next year. Several mobility indicators were improved.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

David Low


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