Creation of a homogeneous net of cycle tracks

Project information

Index: 0147R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ITALY CENTRO (I) Senigallia Marche Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2003-01-01
End: Ongoing

Topic of the practice

Mobility Management

Good Practice Information

This is a good example of how to manage and control parking and traffic with regard to bike sharing. The aim is to promote bike sharing: the measure is addressed to commuters, train and public transport users and also to tourist on holiday in Senigallia. The knowledge of the territorial morphology and of the population distribution data have been the basis for the first planning of a homogeneous net. In 2006 the elaboration of the General Plan for Urban Traffic required the submission of about 1.400 questionnaires to road users. During the executive planning of interventions standards requested by Italy were respected, and in the majority of cases tracks have been realized colouring the cycle tracks with yellow resin. A first study was implemented and from the existing situation the presumed demand of cycling mobility was determined. The routes have been decided and planned homogeneous and useful net of cycle tracks, then the road network has been adjusted. The bike sharing stalls have been located in crucial points.
The steps followed have been the following:
2003-Planning a net of cycle tracks; 2003-2006-Building of axles for bicycles;
2004-Cycle track on the Promenate Levante;
2005-Plan updating; 2006-Questionnaires and interviews;
2007-First station’s bike sharing; 2008-Bike sharing; connection north-old town;
2009-General Plan for the Urban Traffic, updating and integration of the plan of homogeneous cycle tracks net, foreseen for 17 Kilometres;
Organization of collective inspections by bicycle realized by the Municipality technicians together with citizens, as to test the condition, the elimination of critical points and the improvement of the existent.
The organisations involved have been the Mobility Office of the Municipality, “Systematica” Ltd in Milan and Environment Associations. The measure is targeted to commuters, to train and public transport users and also tourist on holiday. The budget is superior to € 1.000.000,00 from 2003 up to date, of which € 200.000,00 in year 2009. The Critical Success Factors are: political support and long-term commitment, integrated policy, co-ordinating organisations (on local level), technical capacity, experience/dedication of staff.

Evidence of success

As a result of creation of a homogenous net, the cycle trackes have been extended from about 7 kilometres (mostly unonnected with each other and without specified disposition) to 12 kilometres at the moment. Currently, they are organized along the penetration axles from the suburbs to the old town, and with an axle to go through the Promenade of about 2 and a half kilometres. In progress, they have been individuated and eliminated the critical points of the intersections and the discontinuity of the offer. In the General Plan for Urban Traffic under adoption it is foreseen a net of 17 kilometres in total. Concerning bike sharing, the service has been introduced in 2006 that, up to date, can count up to 13 stations and 68 bicycles at disposal of the users, forecasting further widening.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Lucia Catalani

Marche Region - SVIM

Annex completed on: 04-15-2011

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