Limousin Environmental Commercial Cluster

Project information

Index: 1022R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location FRANCE SUD-OUEST Limousin Limousin

Topic of the practice

Eco-business clustering

Good Practice Information

Established as an association in 2006, The Limousin Environmental Cluster aims at uniting all of the skills in the region in terms of ecological activities (see OECD definition for eco businesses), in a perspective of sustainable development. It was labelled a « commercial cluster» by the Ministry for Rural Affairs and Town and Country Planning in 2010. Benefitting from a high level of support from regional authorities, its development fulfils requirements in terms of reaffirming and adding a new dynamic to regional skills in terms of environmental issues and sustainable development. The first year of organisation of the network as a Cluster allowed for around thirty or so SMEs, training bodies and R&D organisations to be united, and represents today €70m in turnover and 700 jobs. Innovation lies in the method of operation co-opetition (joint collaboration between competitors).

Evidence of success

Results obtained (jobs, access to accommodation, increased accessibility to services,…) ;

- The Cluster is a platform which has allowed for 30 eco-organisations to be united in the form of a cluster: SMEs, University, engineering colleges, technology transfer centre, research laboratories, competitiveness cluster. Compared to the situation before, organisation in the form of a cluster has allowed for an increase in overall turnover from €50m to €70m, and the number of jobs represented from 500 to 700.
- Changeover to an official structure has enabled recruitment of two permanent employees responsible for development
- Political recognition of the work undertaken in the past, thereby consolidating regional support for sustainability of the cluster via a collective action contract
- Internal organisation into working groups, led by member companies
- Satisfaction of Cluster members concerning activities and initiatives undertaken: Organisation into cluster format allows SMEs to fit within a much wider economic dimension than that in which they would operate alone

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Perrin-Watson Christine

Pôle Environnement Limousin

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