Bio-energy factory

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Index: 1022R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location ITALY NORD-OVEST Ceremona Lombardia Start/End date of the practice

Topic of the practice

Bio-energy production

Good Practice Information

The Bioenergy Factory is governed by the public-private partnership members committee including Province of Cremona, Chamber of Commerce of Cremona, University Politecnico of Milan, Municipality of Cremona and ERSAF. The Bio-energy Factory fosters and optimises the use of available biomass, thus increasing the production of green energy without being detrimental to existing productive resources in favour of green technologies in Cremonia. The operation is structured around three areas:research, services, and monitoring. This initiative is of particular relevance due to the strong involvement of civil society and other local stakeholders as well as the mobilisation of public and private capital used to set up the financing plan. The initiative is designed to:
 Improve SME capacity to make use of green technologies;
 Optimise the food chain within the province without converting lands for the production of bio-
matrices used for green energy;
 Support companies to be effective in the removal of nitrogen from the digested material using innovative techniques so as to meet the current EU requirements on contamination from nitrates;
 Create and promote a more effective green technology/economy culture that encompasses a significant change of behaviour for the civil society, companies, private and public bodies;
 Create a mechanism to allow civil society to participate in the development of the initiative so as to guarantee long-term and innovation-driven growth (quadruple helix model) and to achieve a broad societal consensus on the use of green technologies;
 Roll out green technologies widely to significantly contribute to achieving long-term sustainable development;
 Assess the potential and suitability of new and/or alternative bio-matrices (prime, combined, processed) for green energy or processing.

Evidence of success

The operation is structured on 3 interconnected layers: research, services, and observatory. The 3 areas of intervention provided the following outputs:
Identification and assessment of advanced treatments for nitrogen removal from digested agro/zoo technical material (with four specific tasks)
Identification and assessment of pre-treatments to increase the quantity of biogas
Development of the Advanced Modelling and Simulation system – Anaerobic Digestion Modelling (works presented at the MATHMOD Vienna, 2012)
Optimisation of biogas digester feeding through pre-treatment of input matrixes
Biogas plants revamping
Technical and economical feasibility work for an integrated bio-energetic system
Establishment of the Energy Desk service to support SMEs and other stakeholders on green technologies and renewable energies
Technical and scientific services (assessment of biogas production from milk serum, assessment of a sample of biogas plants to identify strengths and weaknesses).
Meetings organised to create the local advisory group of the project with the creation of the project experts group able to monitor and coordinate the actions of the project and to coordinate with the National Observatory on bioenergy.
Information and communication activities have been performed through the project web site

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Abdrea Rubini

Ceremona Chamber of Commerce

Annex completed on: 07-28-2016

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