Co-working Space LYNfabrikken – Aarhus (DK)

Project information

Index: 0003R1
Acronym:Creative Growth
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location DENMARK DANMARK Aarhus no info

Topic of the practice

Creative Spaces

Good Practice Information

LYNfabrikken was founded in 2002 by Louise Gaarmann, Jeppe Vedel and Lasse Schuleit. This is based in an old factory structure which has been built around a regional scene over the last few years. The name ‘LYNfabrikken’ in Danish means ‘Lightning Factory’. The former factory building is located in the centre of Aarhus, home to about 250 000 residents, which is located on the Baltic coast of Jutland. Since then, LYNfabrikken has evolved into a platform for creative companies and start-ups in Aarhus.
LYNfabrikken regards itself as more than just a beautiful and inspiring environment. It aims at producing exciting new content. This comes in the form of an exhibition space, simply known as the ‘box’, open for the presentation of ideas and concepts of design and art targeted at international and national creative professionals in the fields of design, architecture and craftsmanship. LYNfabrikken is also a platform where the artists talk about their work processes, process innovation, business opportunities and the new challenges in the factory and in other cities to a wider urban audience. After 10 years, LYNfabrikken is not only a place, but a kind of centre of excellence, which produces and ‘lives’ ideas on creative collaboration, entrepreneurship, networking, organisation of work and exhibition rooms passes as consultants and advisors.

Evidence of success

The founders of LYNfabrikken have added consultancy and network competences within European projects (particularly INTERREG IVC) to their profile. Furthermore, they act as co-organisers and managers of large seminars, film screenings and exhibitions. LYNfabrikken sees itself more as a philosophy, and an attitude than just an operator of an old factory.
LYNfabrikken therefore provides a good example of how entrepreneurial development can be combined with urban place-based targets.

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Lasse Schuleit


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