Good Practices Database

This database is a collection of good practices selected in the course of INTERREG IVC projects. Please note that the project partners fill in the information themselves.

With this database we want to give you and other policymakers an access to the ideas and techniques successfully put in place in other European regions. You can contact specific people for more details about a practice you find interesting and ask about the conditions for transfer.

You can download all available good practices in excel.

Last update of this database was performed in 2015.

18 good practices found
GPTitle Sub-Theme Location Country
A French guide for repairing, selling and reusing goods Waste management FRANCE
Accompanied paper waste prevention projects in schools Waste management BELGIQUE-BELGIË
Alelyckan Re-use Park in Gothenburg Waste management SWEDEN
Ban on disposal drink containers and tableware in Munich, Germany (Münchner Einwegverbot) Waste management GERMANY
Calendar with hints for waste prevention, Finland Waste management SUOMI / FINLAND
Dematerialisation in Brussels offices Waste management BELGIQUE-BELGIË
Eco-tax on plastic bags in Romania Waste management ROMÂNIA
Ecomoebel – Redesign of furniture in Germany Waste management GERMANY
Environmental Education for the Unemployed and Households Waste management MALTA
Halmstad schools competing to reduce food waste in canteens Waste management SWEDEN
Household composting in Bulgaria Waste management BULGARIA
Let's do it with Ferda in Estonian Schools Waste management OTHER COUNTRY
Levy on plastic bags in Ireland Waste management IRELAND
Love Food Hate Waste Campaign in North London Waste management UNITED KINGDOM
Marche Food Bank ONLUS Italy Waste management ITALY
No-advertisement sticker with legal backing in Brussels Waste management BELGIQUE-BELGIË
R.U.S.Z - Repair and Service Center in Austria Waste management OTHER COUNTRY
Self-service Detergents in Large Retail in Piemonte Waste management ITALY
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