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Exchange of experience under the spotlight
 Study on Exchange of Experience ProcessesINTERREG IVC commissioned a study on how interregional cooperation projects organise the process of exchanging experience among partners and how this process can directly influence the policy framework of the concerned regions.

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Report from event on INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming good practices
Mainstreaming good practicesINTERREG IVC programme organised a one-day event 'EU Cohesion Policy: INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming good practices' which was held on 28 November in Larnaca, Cyprus. A report on the event is now available to read.



Programme Funding

The INTERREG IVC Programme is financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (The ERDF is intended to help reduce imbalances between regions of the Community. The Fund was set up in 1975 and grants financial assistance for development projects ...) . It hasa total available ERDF budget of € 321 million for the 2007-2013 period. A budget share of 55% is allocated to projects in the first Programme priority ‘Innovation and the knowledge economy’ and 39% to the second priority ‘Environment and risk prevention’. 6% of the funding will be used for Technical Assistance.

The total ERDF budget available for commitments to operations during the period 2007-2013 amounts to 302 million EUR, which can be used by EU partners and will be matched with national co-financing (Amount of money not covered by the ERDF. It can be local, regional or national. In any case, it must be a public funding. In each partner state different rules ...) . In addition, 2.7 million EUR is available for the participation of Norwegian partners. Swiss partners also have an opportunity to apply for national funds.

After four calls for proposals, all funds for INTERREG IVC project funding have now been allocated. Around EUR 2 million was allocated to Norwegian partners after four calls for proposals. There will therefore be no further calls for projects in this programming period (2007-2013).

 Co-financing rates

Under the INTERREG IVC Programme, the eligible project activities are co-financed by the ERDF at a rate of either 75% or 85% depending on the Member State.

 75 % (ERDF) For partners from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France,
Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and UK
 85 % (ERDF) For partners from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia,
Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Portugal,
Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia
 50 % (Norwegian
national funding)
For partners from Norway

Partners from Norway and Switzerland are not eligible to receive ERDF but can receive co-financing from their respective national funds. Swiss partners should refer to the Cantons in order to know more about the availability of these funds.

For information about possible national co-financing for partners from EU Member States, please visit the country specific information or consult the relevant National Contact Points.

Please note that INTERREG IVC does not provide pre-financing. Eligible costs (costs that are in line with the programme requirements and can be approved for co-financing from the ERDF) will be later reimbursed.