Europe, let's cooperate!

Interregional cooperation forum

Bologna, ITALY

December 2014 2-3 Register Now

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The event was streamed live for all the online participants on 2 December from 9:45 to 13:00. You can watch the presentations and interesting interviews from the stage and also from behind the scene.

There was no web-streaming of the second day, 3 December. But we recorded four videos about the second day presentations. 


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Programme / 2 December 2014

00:00:00 Start live web streaming.

00:02:48 Context and objectives of Interregional cooperation forum 'Europe, let's cooperate!' Interview with Michel Lamblin, Director of the INTERREG IVC/ INTERREG EUROPE programmes.

00:06:45 Ask a question. Chat with Erika Fulgenzi and Katja Ecke (Project & Finance Officers, INTERREG IVC/ INTERREG EUROPE) behind Social Channels about their role during the web streaming.

00:17:32 Live on Stage. Plenary session, welcome speeches.

01:01:40 Live on Stage. Interregional cooperation works!

01:33:34 Interview with Ivan Boesso and Zsòfia Munnich (INTERREG IVC project Smart Europe) about experience and benefits from interregional cooperation.

01:42:45 INTERREG IVC / INTERREG EUROPE Project & Finance Officers answer to online participants' questions.

01:46:00 Interviews with the event participants.

01:55:35 Interview with Magdalini Anagnostou (Capitalisation Officer, INTERREG IVC/ INTERREG EUROPE) about new features of the INTERREG EUROPE programme and 4 thematic platforms.

02:03:18 Live on Stage. LEARN: Overview of INTERREG EUROPE and its 4 themes.

03:16:12 INTERREG IVC/ INTERREG EUROPE Project & Finance Officers answer to online participants' questions.

03:20:30 Interview with Irma Astrauskaite (Communication Officer, INTERREG IVC/ INTERREG EUROPE) about next steps of the programme and support to applicants.

03:25:24 End of the live web streaming.


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