Entrepreneurship logoThe Europe 2020 strategy acknowledges the importance of entrepreneurship and self-employment in achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Yet, fewer Europeans start or grow businesses than our main global competitors. Entrepreneurship therefore remains a high priority for the EU and is considered vital for Europe's economic recovery. The importance of entrepreneurship is reflected also in the new legislative framework of the Cohesion Policy 2014-2020, where it is considered in at least half of the thematic objectives. Regions have a key role to play in creating ecosystems that promote and support enterprising attitudes and activities. 


8 projects

74 project partners

55 regions involved

83 regional policies addressed

204 good practices identified


Cooperation map

Cooperation map

Projects tackling entrepreneurship

8 projects, analysed by the team of capitalisation experts, offer their know-how and collected good practice in the field of Entrepreneurship. Click on each logo to get more information about the project's work.

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Results of the thematic analysis are available in several formats.



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"Entrepreneurship is not, as commonly assumed in Europe, necessarily about small and medium sized companies. It is about growth, creativity and innovation. Innovative entrepreneurs come in all shapes and forms. They start companies, they spin out companies from universities or corporations, they restructure companies in need of refocusing, they innovate within larger organisations. Usually they share primary objective - growth."

The Role of European Universities, European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Research, October 2004

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