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Exchange of experience under the spotlight
 Study on Exchange of Experience ProcessesINTERREG IVC commissioned a study on how interregional cooperation projects organise the process of exchanging experience among partners and how this process can directly influence the policy framework of the concerned regions.

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Report from event on INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming good practices
Mainstreaming good practicesINTERREG IVC programme organised a one-day event 'EU Cohesion Policy: INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming good practices' which was held on 28 November in Larnaca, Cyprus. A report on the event is now available to read.

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Information Points

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covering Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, and Norway

The Information Point (a body constituted in order to provide information as well as to promote the programme in a defined area) North is closed starting from 1 January 2013. If you have any requests, please contact the Joint Technical Secretariat of the INTERREG IVC programme.


covering Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania

Mickiewicza 15
40-951  Katowice
Tel: +48 (0) 32 205 32 30
Fax: +48 (0) 32 253 73 76

Thorsten Kohlisch, IP Coordinator and Project Adviser

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    • photo Thorsten KohlischThorsten Kohlisch joined Information Point East in April 2010 as Project Adviser, and coordinator of the IP East tasks. As a Project Adviser, he supports the development of new projects, the monitoring of their progress and the assessment of project applications.
    • Before joining the programme’s office in Katowice, Thorsten worked for different institutions of the Berlin government, i.e. the Police Department, the Investitonsbank Berlin and the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues. Within the latter, his position as a senior officer in the Division for International Cooperation and European Politics comprised the development, implementation and communication of strategic policy concepts for enhanced cross-border cooperation (i.e. the Polish-German Oderpartnership-Network), the organisation of political meetings and interregional seminars, the involvement in ERDF funds management as well as the participation in INTERREG IIIC and IVB projects.
    • Thorsten holds a BA in Public Administration from Berlin’s University of Applied Sciences for Administration and Law and a MA in Political Science from Potsdam University. 
    • Besides his mother tongue German, he speaks English and French as well as basic Polish.

 Zornitsa Tsoneva, Project and Communication Adviser

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    • photo Zornitsa TsonevaZornitsa Tsoneva joined Information Point East in October 2008. Zornitsa plays a double role of Project and Communication Adviser. She supports project proposal development and provides information on the Programme. As a Communication Adviser she supports information-promotional activities.

      Before joining INTERREG IVC, Zornitsa has acquired experience in EU programmes preparing and executing several cross-border cooperation projects (Bulgaria-Romania) funded by the Pre-accession funds (PHARE). She has also contributed to operations in the fields of human resources development, regional development and administrative capacity funded by the EU Structural Funds (The EU's Structural Funds are administered by the Commission to finance Community structural aid. They comprise the Guidance Section of the EAGGF for agriculture, ...) . In addition, Zornitsa was involved in the development of INTERREG IVC project proposal.

      Zornitsa holds a graduate degree in English philology and a postgraduate degree in Finance both from the University of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria).

      She speaks Bulgarian, English, Polish and Russian, as well as basic German. She understands Romanian and Slovenian.

 Petra Polaskova, Communication and Project Adviser

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    • Petra PolaskovaPetra Polaskova joined Information Point East in March 2011. As a Communication Adviser, Petra is responsible for the promotion of the programme and dissemination of information in the East area. She also cooperates with the Communication Officer from the JTS and supports the organisation of EU scale events.
    • Petra has been working as a freelance translator and ESL (English as a Second Language) lecturer in Prerov, the Czech Republic, for the last 4.5 years. Between 2002 and 2006, she held the position of Teaching Assistant at the Northeastern University in Boston, U.S., teaching undergraduate courses in International Affairs, International Conflict and Negotiation as well as U.S. Foreign Policy. She also has professional experience in Public Relations gained at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, where she was responsible for organising seminars and international conferences, promotion of events and communication with participants and service suppliers.
    • Petra’s educational background ranges from International trade, International politics and diplomacy to Public and international affairs, in which she was awarded PhD title. 
    • Besides her mother tongue Czech she speaks English and German as well as basic Polish, Spanish, Russian and French.

Agnieszka Kwaśniak, Programme Assistant

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    • photo Agnieszka KwasniakAgnieszka Kwaśniak joined the Information Point East in September 2008. As an assistant, Agnieszka is responsible for documentation and administrative-organisational issues. Agnieszka also manages the databases for the purpose of the IP East activities.

      Agnieszka previously worked in the Technical Controlling Office of ArcelorMittal Poland, an international corporation, where she gained experience in multinational working environment. As an assistant-interpreter, Agnieszka was responsible for written and consecutive translation, office and data management as well as organisation of meetings and trainings for the staff.

      She is a graduate of English Philology and International Relations.

      She speaks Polish and English. 


covering Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain

C/ Cronista Carreres, 11-4A
46003  Valencia
Tel: +34 961 922 618
Fax: +34 961 922 611

Kelly Zielniewski, IP Coordinator; Project and Communication Adviser

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    • photo Kelly ZielniewskiKelly Zielniewski coordinates the IP South work. As a Communication Adviser, she is responsible for programme-related communication and for information/dissemination activities in the South area. Kelly also supports the development of new project proposals and carries out assessments.

      She first spent one year and a half at the INTERREG IIIC West Secretariat working on all communication matters. In April 2007, she joined the IIIC South JTS, where she became responsible for communication activities and for monitoring of approved operations.

      Kelly holds a master degree in International Negotiations and Languages (English and German). She studied in the University of Valenciennes (France) and in Wiesbaden, (Germany).

      Kelly is French and speaks English, Spanish and German. She is also learning Italian.

Pilar Diez de Rivera, Programme Assistant

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    • photo Pilar Diez de RiveraPilar Diez is responsible for logistic and administrative issues. She is also providing assistance in all IP South communication matters.

      She holds a diploma in Translation (English and French). She worked for various European training programmes (Lingua, Force, Comett) from 1992 to 1996. Before joining the IVC Information Point South, she worked as a management secretary for different private companies and has also several years of experience as technical assistant in projects management.

      Pilar speaks Spanish, English and French.


covering Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland

Les Arcuriales - Entrée D, 5ème étage
45 rue de Tournai
59000  Lille
Fax: +33 (0) 328 144 109

Akos Szabo, Project and Communication Adviser
Tel: +33 (0) 328 144 104

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    • photo Akos SzaboAkos Szabo works as the Information Point West for the INTERREG IVC programme in Lille/France and fulfils the position of Project & Communication Adviser. He is responsible for project proposal development and for providing information on the Programme. As a Communication Adviser he is responsible for publicity and communication actions in the IP West area.

      He started his professional career in the Prime Minister’s Office in Budapest, Hungary, where among other tasks, he dealt with financial control and monitoring of EU funds and of the national budget. In 2004 he joined the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia INTERREG IIIA Neighbourhood Programme in Ljubljana/Slovenia as the Hungarian member.

      Akos graduated as an economist from the faculty of non-profit organisations and diplomacy of the West-Hungarian University in Sopron/Hungary in 2002.

      Akos speaks Hungarian, English, German and some French and Italian.