Climate Change

Climate Change logoClimate change - a change in climate caused by human activity - is a global issue that has far-reaching environmental and socioeconomic impact. Tackling climate change requires action on two fronts.

  1. mitigation by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from sectors such as energy, transport and agriculture.
  2. adaptation by understanding future climate change and its specific environmental, social and economic impact.

The complexity of climate change makes it an important area for policy learning and the exchange of experience across regions.   


7 projects

81 project partners

57 regions involved

61 regional policies addressed

264 good practices identified


Cooperation map

Cooperation map

Projects tackling climate change

7 projects, analysed by the team of capitalisation experts, offer their know-how and collected good practice in the field of Climate Change. Click on each logo to get more information about the project's work.

Logo of project CLUE  Logo of project CLIMACTREGIONS   Logo of project F:ACTS!    Logo of project GRABS

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Results of the thematic analysis are available in several formats.

Climate change


Policy recommendations: view / download
Policy paper: view / download
Brochure: view / download 
Report: view / download

"The impact of climate change are not evenly distributed - the poorest countries and people will suffer earliest and most. And if and when the damages appear it will be too late to reverse the process. Thus we are forced to look a long way ahead."

The Stern Review, The Economics of Climate Change

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