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Call for tenders - proofreading and copy-editing
GEIE-GECOTTI is looking for companies to provide proofreading and copy-editing services to cover the needs of the European programmes INTERREG IVA, INTERREG IVB NWE Two seas and INTERREG IVC. Languages concerned are: French, English, German and Dutch.

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INTERACT Point Valencia vacancy
INTERACT Point Valencia is currently recruiting a project development and knowledge management officer. The deadline for applications is 15 April. Further details on the profile and application procedure are available on the INTERACT website.



National contact point

Anna Maria Schober
Österreichische Raumordnungskonferenz (ÖROK)
Geschäftsstelle beim Bundeskanzleramt -
Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning
at the Federal Chancellery
Ballhausplatz 1
(Hofburg – Eingang Michaelerkuppel)
A-1014 Wien

Telephone : +43 (1) 53 53 444 21
Fax : +43 (1) 53 53 444 54
Email :

First level control information

Austria has set up a decentralised First Level Control system with the following characteristics :

a) The control tasks are carried out by an appropriate body of the responsible federal ministry, if the project partner (All project partners other than the Lead Partner) who participates in the programme is under their authority, act on behalf of them or is predominantly co-financed by them.

b) The  control  tasks are  carried out by  an appropriate body of  the  responsible Land,  if  the project partner who  participates  in  the  programme  is  under  their  authority,  act  on  behalf  of  them  or  is predominantly co-financed by them.

c) As regards all other project partners (who are not under the authority of the Republic of Austria or a Land,  are  not  acting  on  behalf  of  them  or  are  not  predominantly  co-financed  by  them)  the responsibility for the control lies with the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

Details concerning the bodies assigned to carry out the control / to sign the control confirmations can be found in the document to download. The selection of a first level control body is dependent on the criteria set above and limited to the first level control bodies listed in this downloadable list of “Public Control Bodies’. It should be noted that the first level control bodies are required to submit a ‘Confirmation of Austrian Control Body taking over project control responsibility’ (Form B) with the first Progress Report (Comprised of the Activity Report and the Financial Report. It documents the progress of the operation and serves as payment request. Lead partners of operations ...) . If the first level control body changes, a new  Confirmation of Austrian Control Body taking over project control responsibility (Form B) will have to be submitted. Further  information  is also provided under  the  following  link/  Checkliste  zur  Bestimmung  der Prüfzuständigkeit für österreichische Projektpartner (Stand 05.02.2009)

The  bodies  mentioned  under  a)  to  c)  and  specified  in  the  Annex  can  assign  qualified  external controllers to carry out – under the supervision and ultimate responsibility of the abovementioned public bodies -  the operative implementation of  the control. The control costs might have  to be bornе by the Austrian  Lead  /  project  partner  and  in  that  case  can  be  reported  as  eligible  external  expertise  cost within the project in compliance with the relevant EU-regulations and programme rules. Each Austrian partner is advised to foresee a budget of 3-4% of the partner’s total planned budget under external expertise and services (Costs paid on the basis of contracts and against invoices to external service providers who are sub-contracted to carry out certain tasks of the project are eligible. ...) to cover these control costs if they occur. 

Even if external controllers carry out the control, the partner control confirmations will still be signed by the bodies mentioned in the Annex and assigned the controller to the project partner.

For  transnational,  interregional  and  network  programmes  under  the  European  territorial  cooperation objective  (ETC)  the Austrian Federal Chancellery  pursuant  to  national  law  (Agreement  between  the Republic  of  Austria  and  the  Länder  pursuant  to  Art.  15a  of  the  Federal  Constitutional  Act  on  the Management and Control System in Austria for the Structural Funds (The EU's Structural Funds are administered by the Commission to finance Community structural aid. They comprise the Guidance Section of the EAGGF for agriculture, ...) in the period of 2007-2013) is the so called “coordinating control body” which is assigned to coordinate the control tasks and to serve as contact for the relevant managing authorities, certifying authorities and audit authorities.

Coordinating control body

Austrian Federal Chancellery - Division IV/4

Officer in charge of FLC :

Ballhausplatz 1 
1014 Vienna - Austria

Phone :  +43 (0) 1 533115 – 2915
Fax : +43 (0) 1 533115 – 2180

Download :