February 2013


INTERREG IVC in the Open Days 2012


13/02/2013 | Programme | Exchange of experience under the spotlight
 Study on Exchange of Experience ProcessesINTERREG IVC commissioned a study on how interregional cooperation (Part of the C strand of the ETC (as well as of the former Interreg III Community Initiative), its aim is to promote exchange and transfer of knowledge and best ...) projects organise the process of exchanging experience among partners and how this process can directly influence the policy framework of the concerned regions.

12/02/2013 | Programme | Report from event on INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming good practices
Mainstreaming good practicesINTERREG IVC programme organised a one-day event 'EU Cohesion Policy (Cohesion policy was enshrined in the Treaties with the adoption of the Single European Act (1986). It is built on the assumption that redistribution between richer ...) : INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming (also called ‘transfer process’, is the process of integrating new knowledge and good practices into the Convergence, Cometitiveness & Employment and European ...) good practices' which was held on 28 November in Larnaca, Cyprus. A report on the event is now available to read.

07/02/2013 | Programme | INTERREG IVC: 729 good practices
After the latest update, a collection of 729 good practices that have been identified by the INTERREG IVC projects are now available online on our good practices database.


Screenshot of online reporting home pageOnline reporting.   

One year after an online reporting system was rolled out to Lead Partners, INTERREG IVC looks back on the challenges, advantages and evolutions of this tool.

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electric cable
Through this priority, regional and local authorities can improve their policies, methods and capacities in the field of Innovation and the Knowledge Economy.

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wind turbines
This priority helps regions across Europe develop environmental policies, and adjusting their regional policies in a more environmentally-friendly way. 

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