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IPP project presents innovation as opportunity to regions
IPP brochure on resultsThe Interregional Partnership Platform (IPP) project on increasing the innovation capacity of regions in Europe came to its end in March 2013. The results of the cooperation among partners from Germany, Latvia, Spain and Hungary are now available for regions, local communities, municipalities, industrial parks, innovation agencies and other organisations interested in interregional and EU innovation know-how.

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INTERREG IVC Feedback Seminar on the Exchange of Experience Study 'Improving policy-making through learning'
The INTERREG IVC programme is organising a seminar to disseminate the results of the study carried by INTERREG IVC programe on how projects apprehend and organise successfully their exchange of experience.

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Online Reporting

The INTERREG IVC programme has introduced an online reporting system in October 2011. This advanced and functional system was designed in-house and is fully adapted for the monitoring and reporting needs of interregional cooperation (Part of the C strand of the ETC (as well as of the former Interreg III Community Initiative), its aim is to promote exchange and transfer of knowledge and best ...) projects, involving on average ten project partners from different European countries.

Why it is better for the users?

  • The report on project activities can be filled from any location that has an internet access on
  • The system foresees possibility for the Lead partner to manage other users. It means that the access to the report can be given by the Lead Partner to other partners to fill their parts.
  • Several people in different locations can work on the report at the same time.
    The Lead Partner can check the status of the report and completeness of it any time. Detailed information on errors helps to reduce human mistakes.
  • It saves time that would have been spent writing emails to collect data needed for the reports from the project partners.
  • No licenses for IT programmes needed for filling the report, so it saves costs.
  • It is user friendly to all computers having different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Users find the online reporting system well structured, simple and easy to use. 

About the system:

  • It is designed in-house for the interregional cooperation project monitoring and reporting needs. It is adapted to monitor a high number of projects and serve the needs of hundreds of partners.
  • It is tested on the most used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • It is physically separated from the Joint Technical Secretariat monitoring database of projects, therefore it is fast and does not slow down the working process.
  • Already today, it meets the Europe 2020 targets set for the Digital Agenda of Europe   at the highest level.

Feedback from the users:

“The system is very easy to use and it is nice to avoid filling paper spreadsheets”.

“It is great that the new system is friendly with my beloved Apple”.

“I just tried your system, it is much easier than the excel reporting. Thank you for that”.

“Your system allows to work on the progress reports in cooperation with the partners. It is great to be able not to send around different versions of the files. This makes the reporting process much faster. In comparison with the other programmes, your system is more advanced and user friendly”.


If you are interested to get more information on the specifications of this advanced reporting system, please contact Aous Tamimi, INTERRREG IVC IT Officer.