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Homepage4th call East area events attracted close to 400 applicants

4th call East area events attracted close to 400 applicants

Close to 400 East area applicants benefited from the information events specifically organised by the programme National Contact Points in the framework of the 4th call for proposals (period of time in which applications can be submitted to the Joint Technical Secretariat) (1 December 2010 – 1 April 2011). These included 5 National Information Days which took place in January 2011 in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. In addition, Slovakia went for a virtual information day. The event series was concluded with a Lead Applicant Seminar held on 3 March in Vienna, Austria.

National Information Days
The content of the national information events followed a pre-defined pattern. They included presentations on INTERREG IVC state of play, 4th call specific requirements, recommendations and advice to applicants delivered by the IP East project advisers. Then the national rules relevant to INTERREG IVC applicants, as well as first level control (FLC) system, were explained by the National Contact Points and FLC representatives. Finally,  East area (lead) partners in approved interregional cooperation (Part of the C strand of the ETC (as well as of the former Interreg III Community Initiative), its aim is to promote exchange and transfer of knowledge and best ...) projects shared their experience and offered words of advice to future applicants. The latter provoked great interest as the project partners exemplified the programme rationale in action, drawing attention to concepts such as ‘exchange of experience at policy level’, ‘good practices’, ‘transfer of good practices’, etc. In addition, 1st call partners boasted of concrete achievements and effects felt in their regions after already almost 3 full years of interregional cooperation.

Ninety Romanian applicants showed interest in the National Information Day.

Below please find links to the presentations from the East area national events:

Lead Applicant Seminar
The Lead Applicant Seminar followed the national info days and lent assistance to thirty-four potential lead partners from the IP East area. The aim of the seminar was to prepare lead applicants for completing the application form and to draw their attention to concrete information which is expected to be indicated therein. Seminar participants took part in three interactive workshops dedicated to the specific quality assessment (Second step of a two-step evaluation procedure operations applying for ERDF funds have to pass successfully in order to be considered for ERDF funding) criteria.

Practical workshops were the most appreciated by lead applicants.

Special focus was placed on practical exercises, which guided lead applicants through building a relevant approach, defining clearly the regional development issue addressed, and describing comprehensively their planned activities. In addition, future lead partners learnt how to deal with the programme output and result (Direct and indirect medium/long term effect of the project activities (e.g. number of regional policy changes, number of integrated energy plans ready for implementation, ...) indicators, how to describe partner institutions, and how to plan project management and coordination. Finally, seminar participants went into detail of project budget lines, incl. the importance of external expertise description.
What was also valuable for the participants was the insight into real-life responsibilities and unforeseen challenges encountered by lead partners. These were presented by the leaders of the RSC (1st call) and SURF-Nature (2nd call) projects.

Eleven consultations took place after the Lead Applicant Seminar. 

Presentations from the Vienna Lead Applicant Seminar can be downloaded here: