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'PASE' finalist of the RegioStars Awards 2013
PASE logo'PASE' project, co-financed by INTERREG IVC, is among the 27 finalists of the 2013 RegioStars awards.

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Italy, Spain, most active applicants

The INTERREG IVC fourth call for proposals (period of time in which applications can be submitted to the Joint Technical Secretariat) attracted 355 applications, involving 3821 partner organisations, keeping the programme's average of around 10 partners per project. A total amount of EUR 531,577,997 ERDF was requested. This is more than five times the funding available, which remains at around EUR 100 million ERDF.

As seen in the graph below, Italy, Spain and Greece remain the most active applicants, representing almost a third of applicants in this call. It is good to see that all 29 countries covered by the programme are present in this call.

4th call applications per country

 In terms of the priorities favoured by the applicants, they again follow the division observed during prevous calls. Priority 1 on Innovation and Knowledge economy attracted 56% of applications, the remaining 44% choosing Priority 2 on Environment and Risk Prevention. As can be seen in the graph below, Entrepreneurship and SMEs has become the most 'popular' theme in this call.

4th call applications per priority
The administrative and eligibility checking of applications is in full swing, involving 23 programme staff. Only those projects deemed eligible will proceed to the quality assessment (Second step of a two-step evaluation procedure operations applying for ERDF funds have to pass successfully in order to be considered for ERDF funding) .